Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Weekly roundup: AC is Jumping the Shark.

- This week, I'm taking some cold comfort in this: it's obvious that, for the Coulters and Kristols and Hannitys, the 15 Minutes Of Fame clock is at 14:45 and ticking. Ann Coulter believes that Bill Clinton is gay? C'mon Ann, you'll have to do better than that, or it's time to strap on your skis and make the jump.

- The London attacks were phony, pure political theater, and even the righwingers, in their gut, know that they're being played. Dubya got zero bounce from it; nada, zilch. Four years ago, he'd have shot up 10 points overnight. Now, it's just the boy who cried wolf.

- Also: the bloodbath has begun:

I'm looking to elect a real war leader to the White House - somebody with a warrior's temperament and a leader's skills. George Bush has neither. He is a dangerous failure, and America will be well rid of him.

Digby? Billmon? Oh no, not at all. The Daily Pundit, linked from Instapundit. Go. Read. You'll feel better. The long knives are being sharpened.

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