Saturday, October 07, 2006

The real story

Our national obsession with sex has had two unfortunate results recently: a week ago, the torture/detention bill seemed to be gaining some much overdue traction in the MSM. This bill is as rotten as it gets, and the American people should be aware of what it means. However, the Foley scandal completely blew it out of the spotlight.

Second, the (IMHO) real story in the Foley scandal has been obscured by Pat Buchanan’s NAMBLA bullshit, as well as rest of the strawmen who have been cobbled together this last week. The House leadership, with full knowledge of what they were doing, allowed a man to continue heading a task force that was designed to protect children from people exactly like him. On this point, there is no real debate.

The monumental hypocrisy of this, the abject lack of leadership, is enough, all by itself, to insist that anyone involved is simply unfit to serve in Congress. If that includes some Dems, so be it.

For an example of true leadership, consider the Amish community leaders who set up a fund for the family of the man who killed their children. That’s what I’m talkin’ about.

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